An Intentional Summer

The Laundry Moms Welcome Tracie Nolde this week

as our featured guest writer! Check out the great ideas she

has on creating a fun memory filled Summer with your kids

without missing out on those important teaching moments!


With summer here and school out, it is time to think about what ‘intentional’ things you will do with your kids for the next few months.  If you are anything like me, you have a bunch of ideas in mind but finding the right way to structure and weave them into your life can be the challenging part.  I am big on keeping my kids active and learning in the summer, but I want it to be fun and something they will remember.   Summer is the perfect time to help our children set a new goal, learn something new and even sharpen the skills they already have.   As moms, we need to lead the way and inspire a vision and direction for our kids in a unique and fun way.


I’ve been inspired by a summer activity list we recently received from the new school my kids will be attending next year.  Here are some ideas to help you organize and prepare for an intentional summer, so that you don’t look back and regret missed opportunities to make memories.

  1. Create a loose calendar from the very beginning of the summer with specific times for devotions, chores, reading individually, reading as a family, free play, field trips and service projects.
  2. Before or after breakfast, have your children journal about the things they are doing over the summer or write letters back and forth to you even.  This will help them with their writing and grammar skills.
  3. Choose a book to be read aloud together as a whole family.  Create a perfectly fun setting to go to each time, perhaps a garden spot, or all curled up together in Dad and Mom’s bed.
  4. Be sure to make time for individual reading as well…if your child struggles to read fluently or comprehend,  echo- read with them, where you read a short paragraph out loud as they follow and then they read the same thing after you, or chorus read together.
  5. Another idea of something you may want to purchase is some Logic or creative problem solving books.  Have them give their ideas out loud and let everyone share.  This builds so many great skills.  This would be a great idea for those long car rides.
  6. I know you’ve heard this a million times, but they really still need work on math facts.  Google them and you’ll find lots of fun games to learn them if you’re tired of flash cards.
  7. If you do any road trips, have your child keep records of all expenses, including gas mileage, and have them average the food money for the day, etc.  Perhaps give them a certain amount of money for their meals and souvenirs for the day and let them keep track.
  8. 8.    Have a rainy day list of things like writing a letter to Grandma, baking cookies to share with neighbors, acting out favorite stories, playing board games, creating board games, inviting a friend over, jumping in puddles.  Refuse to give in to technology very often!
  9. When working math facts, present the whole problem with the answer present, and let them copy it in the sand or shaving cream on a table or wherever…seeing the entire problem is a good memory tool in learning the fact.

10. Let the child plan a meal each week; from what the choices will be, to what needs to be bought, to preparing it and cleaning up! Be sure to let the child READ the recipe, which is another opportunity for reading practice!



If you want a purposeful summer with your kids, you must be intentional and set goals to ensure you are moving forward.  Enjoy your freedom from the routine of the school year but also enjoy the simple structure you can have in the summer to really engage with your children.  Summer is almost here….what is your plan?

Tracie Nolde has been married 13 years to her husband Jeff and is a mother to three children and they live in Alpharetta, Georgia.  She has a degree from Michigan State University in Communications & Public Relations and has prior work experience in sales, marketing and event planning. Tracie now is at home with her three children and leads a Mother/Daughter Bible Study, writes on blogs for women & moms and helps out from time to time with local promotions in the Atlanta area.

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