You Never Know Who You Might Impact

 You Never Know Who You Might Impact

By Amanda Espinoza 

As I have walked this life. I have made a million mistakes and a few good moves. But one thing I have never realized is how those few good moves can make a large impact.

Truthfully everything we do will make an impact in this life.  Good or bad.  But let’s focus on the good right now.

I have a Facebook profile.  Sometimes I delete it.  But through the years I have maintained it for the most part though I haven’t always been sure why.  When I post on my Facebook wall or share from the heart on my site, you always get me.

I rarely…




leave anything out.  Maybe the nitty-gritty details that my family wouldn’t like shared about them, but you do get me.  Raw and real.

I can often be broken. I fall and get crushed. I push myself too far, too hard.  And then I fall apart or crash.  I make promises I can’t keep.  I over commit and under preform.  I’ve actually struggled with this a whole lot this summer. Even regarding this post.  (Thanks Laundry Mom’s for being patient and loving!)

I am amazed that with all of these unrefined, unbridled and unseemly qualities of mine that I can still be used by God. That shows me once again that I am truly only a vessel.

How You Can Impact Lives

Story 1:

Who knew that a few words spoken over 9 years ago would make such an impact on a friend of the past.  These words I clean forgot.  One day I had it on my heart to share with this friend what a wonderful person she was to me in my teen years.  And how blessed she was to have the mother she does.

When I shared what a blessing her mother was to me.  How she really loves and really mothers well, she shared her gratitude and then elaborated how some of my words encouraged her in her journey, not just her mama’s.

That my own words would be a part of her training blew me away!  She reminded me of what I spoke to her.  How it made a huge impact on how she raised her children and loved and respected her husband.  These were only my failures I was sharing with her at the time.  But my failure made her see the future and showed her how to make changes now.  Praise God.

Those words came back to me as she shared.  I said that?!  I really did.

I remembered that time in my life. The bitter fruit I was eating in the very moment I spoke.  But because Gods ways work and work well overtime, those days had disappeared. Now the fruit had grown sweet and delightful in my marriage and with our children.  So much better are they now that I had almost forgotten.

Story 2:

The next story was another of great surprise. Yet another old school mate who has had little conversation and “in real life” interaction with me out side of Facebook had secretly been following me.  I say secretly because she could never have said what she said unless it was true that she had been watching my profile, though she rarely, I mean RARELY liked a post (like two over the course of the last 3+ years)

One day out of the blue she PM’ed me:

“I love all your posts, you are such a good mommy.” and then this after more conversation “I really look up to you and admire you as the amazing woman you are, thank you for the kind words. Means the world to me.”

How can this be?  I share my yuck.  But the way I view myself and the way the world sees me is quite different often times. I won’t hide the truth. Some of the yuck and the nasty has turned people away. I know it. So what can I do?

Tears return to me as I write this.  Wow.  What we say and do really does matter.  Really, really.

No matter how large or small your sphere of life is, your words, time, attention to another do matter.  Life and death are in the power of the tongue.  Whether you know 5 or 500,000 people you will make a difference.

Look at Billy Graham or Reinhardt Bonke or Corrie Ten Boom.  You think their Mother or Father knew what lives these children would impact?  Do you think any of them believed their story would change the world?

As a blogger I do get to see some of the fruit of my labor.  But that doesn’t change what I do.  It shouldn’t.  In reality if I did not blog at all, and when I choose not to, because quite frankly I do take time off intentionally; what I do in the store, with the children, towards my man, a smile and kind words go far.

True love for humanity and sacrifice of time and energy will impact eternity.

When You Blow It

The times we want to explode and let the world have it can also have an eternal impact.

I’m not saying this to scare you but to speak truth.  It could turn someone from the Lord.  And if you have “been there done that” you may or may not even know.

How to remedy the past?

  • Ask the Lord when you’ve blown it.
  • Be willing to repent when He shows you a time or two you’ve missed it.
  • Speak to that seed of rage, unforgiveness or bitterness that you might have planted in another’s life.  Destroy that seed and speak life into the situation.
  • Pray for that person to forgive you and see the Lord even if they never see or here from you again.
  • Pray for laborers to come alongside them and show them the true Jesus, the one you misrepresented that day.
  • Praise the Lord knowing that His mercy is to thousands and that He is the repairer, restorer and deliverer.
  • Praise Him that He loves those folks more than you ever could.

Love them this way now that you can…. and Love yourself enough to be rid of guilt and shame.  Take authority over the past situation calling life into the present.  And follow up in the future with prayers of faith and hope as you walk in the future.

Let your light and life shine friend!  Remember you will impact lives and this world.  You were made to.






Hi! I am Amanda. I’m blessed to be married to my best friend. The Lord has blessed us with four children and a dog. We are native to the Rocky Mountains where we now raise our family in the Grand Valley. I spend my days loving and serving my man, working to honor him, and teaching my children at home. We love and work to serve the Lord as we seek Him first.  I’m currently enrolled in a course for evidence based herbalism to be a Master Herbalist. I’m a Natural Health Consultant and follow the THM program. I blog at where I share about life, food, and other joys with my wonderful readers. Join us on Facebook or Pinterest. I’d be happy to meet you and call you friend.



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