Against All Odds

There is nothing like the power of a story to build your faith.  In a day and age where marriages seem to be falling apart around every corner, I find it so very encouraging and inspiring to hear of the rare examples where one spouse is given a supernatural ability to withstand difficulties in marriage, beyond what most would deem “worth it.”

It is an uncommon honour and privilege to meet such people, where the evidence of Jesus’ love & empowering presence transforms them before your eyes!  These ones are walking the walk  and with sheer determination to persevere and oppose the Enemy’s attempts to destroy, they LIVE in Victory!  They experience His love, joy and peace, even when treated unkindly, or worse, while left at home while their spouse is choosing unfaithfulness.  Yes, this may be grounds for divorce…but they are still given a grace to stand for their marriage.

And even better are the incredible testimonies of restored marriages against ALL odds.  The miracle stories.

Do you know anyone like this? Do you believe they’re even out there?  Or do you believe they are just plain nuts!? Who would tolerate such hurt and disrespect?

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I don’t know about every situation, but I do know that meeting these women gives me fresh hope and faith that I serve a God who really does have the most incredible power to change lives.

Today’s post is a heart-to-heart letter, written from one wife to another. Both friends are on the front lines of a marriage battlefield, fighting for their husband’s healing and the restoration of their marriage.  She shares her source of unshakeable hope and faith for this situation.  I hope it will be an encouragement to you, or someone you know.

Hey friend…

I got your text and I was sad to hear how much you are suffering.
I haven’t walked a day in your shoes, but I have had the privilege of walking alongside you for many years and you have honoured me with glimpses into your heart along the way. From what I know of you, I think it safe to say that your heart is heavy and burdened.
From one beggar to another, may I offer you this simple loaf of bread:
I hear God’s call to you to lay down your heavy, heavy burden. I hear His call to you that says He never meant for you to carry it yourself. It was always safe with Him.

I hear Him calling you to crawl into His lap and rest awhile – letting Him minister to you. His arms are strong enough to hold you forever, never growing weary. Yet His hands are soft enough to wipe away every tear and to mend your wounds.

His mind is steadfast and it knows every troubled thought. He knows every best case and worst case scenario and every possible outcome that you have played out in your mind. He knows your past, He knows your future and HE HAS A PLAN.

He is sure-footed and His feet will confidently lead you along the right path. And please, hear His heart. His heart has a rhythm with every beat that proclaims his undying devotion to you. His heart’s song is romantic, intimate and pure, pure, pure.

As you bask in His love and comfort, like any good lover, He will give you a token of His affection: He will give you His Son Jesus. The one He loves, and sent to die for you.

The Son that went to hell and back for you, and as he ran the hallway to burst into His father’s throne room, he carried a victory flag, he was cheered on by a million angels; the sound was deafening as His arms and voice arose to proclaim the FREEDOM and the VICTORY that he won for you.
When love seems like it is failing in the most intimate way, and when all the idols of romance and marriage fall, the call to you remains the same – God wants your heart. He wants you with a jealous and fierce love and He will not share that place with anyone. Find your place in the heart of His love and hope and all the rest will fall into place.

If you or someone you know is persevering through a difficult marriage, will you share a word of encouragement with them, and breathe hope and life over them and their marriage today?

Check out these stories & resources- and be blessed!

He Is With You by Mandisa

Reginald and Kelley’s Story of Reconciliation– (perseverance throughout crimes and unfaithfulness)

A Stander’s Prayer



LM-Kali2Laundry Mom~Kali ♥

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