One Pot Wonder-After Thanksgiving Turkey Soup

One Pot Wonder

After Thanksgiving Turkey Soup

~Trim Healthy Mama, Paleo, & Keto Friendly~


We pray you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving! And we hope your Thanksgiving meal was delicious! Be sure to keep those turkey bones so that you can make this mouthwatering soup tomorrow and enjoy it through the weekend!

Check Out the Recipe Below…

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  • Leftover Turkey Carcass
  • 1 Onion
  • 1 Garlic Bulb
  • Bragg Liquid Aminos
  • Bragg Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Celery Seasoning to taste
  • Mineral Salt to taste
  • Black Pepper to taste
  • Oregano to taste
  • 1/2 TB Italian seasoning
  • Basil to taste
  • Veggies of choice

Directions (for soup):

  1. Place the turkey carcass in your crockpot (or in a large pot on the stove)
  2. Peel the outer layer of the onion off and slice in half. Place both halves in the crockpot.
  3. Cut ends off of each garlic clove and place peeled cloves in the crockpot.
  4. Fill slow cooker with filtered water to cover bones.
  5. Sprinkle heavily with salt and Italian seasoning, and add in the drops of essential oil.
  6. Add in a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and 3-4 squirts of liquid aminos.
  7. Cook on high for 6-8 hours.
  8. Once cooled remove the bones, garlic, and onion pieces from the stock.
  9. Add in more Italian seasoning, a few more squirts of liquid aminos, another heavy sprinkle of salt, and any other veggies of choice.
  10. Cook on high for 4 hours.
  11. Enjoy!

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*Used with permission from Meggan Larson.

*Note: This recipe is either a FP or deep S (depending on how fatty the meat was) an S for Trim Healthy Mamas and is Keto & Paleo Friendly.


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We are not affiliated with Trim Healthy Mama nor endorsed by them. As with all resources, you should review them with care. We have done our best to make the recipes and all menu plans THM-compliant in an effort to assist you on your journey.

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