Advice Can Go Either Way!

Advice Can Go Either Way!
by Meggan Larson


Lord knows we’ve all had advice thrown at us. Some good, some mediocre, some absolutely terrible. The thing about advice is that just because it’s given to you, doesn’t mean that you have to receive it and follow it. In this day and age everyone under the sun seems to have an opinion about something but the question is, is it good advice? There is a relatively simple way to determine whether or not someone is giving you some good wisdom. The trick is…

Advice Can Go Either Way

You need to take a good look at their lives and determine whether or not they have what you want. If they are giving you weight loss advice and they are carrying extra weight that they haven’t lost in years then maybe that’s not great advice. If they’re giving you advice about marriage and are on their third divorce, that may not be solid wisdom. If they are telling you how to manage your finances but they are drowning in debt then it’s safe to say that they should not be your go to person for advice in that area. Many people are willing to give you their thoughts on a certain topic but it’s incredibly important to look at their lives and determine if they have achieved the goal you’re after. Getting advice about your relationship with Jesus from someone who doesn’t know Him is not wise. There are times that a person’s position in your life makes them think that they have the right to give you advice and that you must follow it (parents, siblings, etc). Now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t hear a person out at times but it’s not necessary to follow someone’s advice just because they have previously been an authority in your life. At the end of our lives we will have only ourselves to blame for the choices that we’ve made. It won’t matter that we followed this person’s or that person’s advice, what will matter are the choices that we made and the path that it lead us on. So let’s be wise in our choices and careful about the instruction that we follow. And it may not be a bad idea to take a look at our own lives and ask ourselves if we’re living a life that would make us wise people to seek advice from

~ Meggan 🙂

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Meggan Larson is a wife, mom of three, and challenge overcomer! Being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and undergoing aggressive chemotherapy when her second born child was only three months old, gave Meggan an expected twist to her life. Dealing with pregnancy weight gain and the debilitating effects of chemotherapy, Meggan’s weight soared to over 228 pounds. Feeling humiliated with no desire to socialize, Meggan was desperate for a change. Shortly after losing 20 pounds with the Trim Healthy Mama program, Meggan found out she was pregnant with baby number three, which ended in an emergency C-section and unexpected hysterectomy. Despite the challenges she faced, Meggan has just celebrated her one year “trimiversary”, and her success of releasing just over 60 pounds! Meggan is confident that her success on plan is “doable” for anyone looking to gain back their health and wanting to live a trim and healthy lifestyle!

Check out Meggan Larson over at Desire to Inspire!

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