Achoo…Bless you!

Last week, I heard Kenna coming down the stairs, and for some reason she went into a sneezing fit.


So, of course, I responded to her:

Bless you!
Bless you!

She stopped on the stairs and paused for a moment…


counting up her sneezes and then counting up her “bless you’s.”

“Mama,” she hollered. “I need another ‘bless you’.”

How sweet! She knew full and well what she had coming to her and she certainly expected it. She sneezed three times, so she better get three “bless you’s.” Sometimes we can learn the most profound things from the simple outlook of a child. Kenna’s simple request for a blessing reminded me so much about our relationship with God.

First of all, God wants to bless you! Just like I want to bless my little Kenna, God wants to bless you even more. You are a child of the KING! You are His precious, beloved daughter and He takes joy in blessing you! He wants to pour blessings into your life, but you have to open up and make room for them. You can easily crowd God out of your life by filling it up with junk. See yourself as His child and take pride in it! Hold your head up high, push those shoulders back, stand up straight and get a great big smile on your face. You are God’s child. You are royalty! Start carrying yourself like royalty. Speak only noble words, think only higher thoughts. When you go out, know that the world better step aside and make room because you have God on your side!

Secondly, it’s okay to remind him. There’s nothing wrong with reminding God of His promises. God loves to hear His own words coming out of our mouths and it’s a sure way to get His attention. When Moses pleaded with God by reminding Him of His promises, God listened. Moses won Him over! That’s why it’s so important to be spending time digging deep into His Word. Study your Bible daily and you will hide those promises in your heart to remind God of His goodness.

And third, we need to ask with boldness and expect with confidence. There was no doubt in Kenna’s mind that she was going to get another “bless you.” She knows her mom loves her and she knows that a blessing is on its way! Go ahead. There’s nothing wrong with asking for blessing. Think about this passage:

“Do not fret or have any anxiety about anything, but in every circumstance and in everything, by prayer and petition (definite requests), with thanksgiving, continue to make your wants known to God.” Philippians 4:6

How awesome is that? God wants us to make our wants known! How heartbreaking it would be for me if Kenna wanted a blessing, but never asked me. I would never know. God, however, does know what’s in our hearts; and it hurts Him when we don’t bring those requests to Him because we think He doesn’t care or it’s not important enough or it’s useless…or any of the other reasons we have for not asking anything of God. He wants us to be our FIRST resort, not our LAST. This passage tells us we can bring Him definite requests! He wants us to get specific. He cares about every little thing. And when you make a request, stay bold and expect Him to answer in miraculous and amazing ways! Remember, you are a child of the King! He cares about the details, even the sneezes!

Go ahead, ask for another BLESS YOU!


LM-HannahLaundry Mom~Hannah♥


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