Holly on Hollywood – Abominable

Holly on Hollywood
by Holly McClure


“Abominable” is an animated fantasy that takes children on a journey from the Himalayas to Mount Everest. After a far East journey, our lovable and playful Yeti finds Yi (Chole Bennet) on her rooftop. The two immediately form a bond and Yi heals his wounds, naming him Everest. Yi decides to take Everest back to his home, Mt. Everest, and reunite him with his family. Trailing them are a doctor (Sarah Paulson) and a villainous rare animal collector (Eddie Izzard).

This PG kid-friendly visual treat is a colorful, magical journey. Everest uses his magic to turn bushes into huge edible berries, transform a field of flowers into a tsunami golden wave, and Chinese settings come alive. A Giant Buddha and the colorful illuminated towers of Pudong, are also memorable. There is a big bad corporate boss and zoologist that chases Everest and his pals but nothing scary. And familiar themes of the importance of family, belief in oneself, friendship, and more provide kid-friendly values. “Abominable” is a road movie across a country that has not really been captured in animated films for American audiences. The cast includes both Asian and Caucasian actors in a story that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages…and even yeti loving adults! WIth all of the adult movies in theatres these days, it’s nice to have a family film your kids can enjoy!
“Remember to Choose Your Movies Wisely”

~Holly On Hollywood~


Holly McClure is a multimedia personality with a career that spans over 20 years in the entertainment industry. Her background as a film critic, film and television producer, creative writer, filmographer, radio and television host, author, and pundit for family values, has established her media expertise and made her a recognized advocate for family-friendly entertainment. Holly was the first ‘family film critic’ syndicated in over 365 newspapers by The Orange County Register. Her “Holly on Hollywood” movie reviews have been featured on various media outlets and can now be seen on Uplift TV, Parables movie channel, and thelaundrymoms.com.

In 2002, Holly was asked by Mel Gibson to film the behind-the-scenes interviews for “The Passion of the Christ”. She produced a one hour special, “The Making of The Passion of the Christ”, that aired on TBN and ION. She has since produced numerous press features for various films (The Passion Of The Christ, Do You Believe, Dancer and the Dame, God’s Not Dead, The Frontier Boys, etc.) and is listed on IMDB .

Holly is a charter member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association and serves on the advisory boards of The Dove Foundation and The Parents Television Council. She is a proud mother, grandmother and mentor, passionate about supporting and creating life-changing entertainment!

For more information visit Hollymcclure.com or IMDB.com

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