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This past year our pastor has been talking about making an impact… Living a life that keeps on giving even after our time is up. So I have been evaluating the way I spend my days, my hours and my minutes. He’s right, I want to live a life that makes a difference, and I bet you do to!


As I sat and evaluated my minutes, I came back around to the fact, that besides my marriage, my growing children are my highest priority in this season. I have a few fun hobbies that I could justify makes a difference like writing for blogs and writing e-books, but I determined upon my evaluation that …


nurturing my family will have the longest impact and must take precedence over everything.




If I write articulate blog posts and ignore my kids, my accomplishments wax vain.


If I nurture online relationships at the expense of those dwelling in my own home, I’ve regarded the wrong people.


If I take meals to every neighbor, but neglect our family table, I’ve missed unparalleled opportunities to love on my people.


If I run our house like a well-tuned machine, but don’t train my kids in orderliness (because it’s too hard,) everyone is cheated.


If I’m current on the latest reality shows, but disregard sowing God’s Word into my children’s hearts, I’ve squandered my time.


The acts that reward generational blessings and make a family strong, empowering children to become great are little acts


…little seemingly insignificant works…that change the giver and the receiver.


The works we do before others, that receive the greatest worldly accolades feel good, but have the smallest long-term effect, if God’s calling on a life is neglected.


We do not have to look far or pray hard to know what small works God has called each of us to do.


Look across the room.


Who has God placed in your home?


Love them.


Love them in ways no one else in the world can see.


Speak encouraging words in the quietness of your home.


Turn off the TV (of throw it out the window) and look them in the eyes while you talk about WHATEVER.


Press into the most difficult member in your household with time and tenderness.


“Me time” needs to be flexible and negotiable. As the mother of 11 kids, I SAVOR my early mornings before the house buzzes with life. However…I’ve learned to hold “my time” in an open palm.


School started this week and I had my personal time neatly scheduled in my planner …early in the morning before anyone else stirs. The second morning of school, as the sun slept behind the horizon, I spread out my books, opened my computer and sipped my hot tea. Just as a settled a precious teen rounded the quiet corner and sat down.


My “me time” slipped out of my palm… and I did not reach to grab it back.


My teen and I chatted and then chatted some more until the sun whispered, “Good morning!” and siblings scurried with activity. My teen said, “I’m so glad to know you get up this early. I can meet you here twice a week.”


What a treasure! What a gift!


My young college student will live under a different roof too soon, so I gladly sacrifice “my time” for him. It’s such a small act. It’s seemingly insignificant. But I truly think God in heaven had plans to interrupt my well-laid schedule even as I wrote it out. He orchestrated one-on-one time with my soon to be gone young adult… for both of us. This interruption was God’s plan.


I could argue that my early morning Bible reading and blog writing time is important to me and to so many others. But God has reminded me that He ordains the works that will last.


I encourage you to make your plans and then willingly let God interrupt them for works that will last. Have you been interrupted lately? Have you seen your plans fly out the window at the hands of a child? I would love to hear about it. And remember …schedule your days in pencil and let God hold the pen!


Thoughts to ponder this week:

 (1 Corinthians 3: 13-14) All of our works will be tested by fire.

(Ecclesiastes 12:13-14,1 Corinthians 4:5) All the motives of our hearts will be exposed.

Who do you work for? What do you hang on to? Are you willing to be interrupted for a work that appears insignificant and menial, but that God considers great?


Laundry Mom Terri BoninLaundry Mom~Terri♥

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