A Spoonful of Dirt?

If you and I were having tea, and you were discouraged…tired, sick; maybe sick and tired of battling health… or weight. If I could only give you ONE piece of advice, NOT 31 tips for a trim body, or 7 foods to avoid, or 5 steps to a smaller waist, I know just what I would tell you.


First I would listen to you, nodding, agreeing and understanding in my own little way from the struggles I’ve faced. I would listen intently.


Then I might say, “Pass the cream, please,” or “Would you like some more tea?”


Then before I told you the ONE THING…

Eating healthy, Losing weight, Staying fit, Losing the baby Weight, Getting Healthy

I would set the stage of understanding with what I know to be true. I would explain what I have learned through years of experience and hours of reading. I would make what seems to be a complicated matter a bit simpler.


I would remind you that we are made from dust. From the dust of the earth He made us. (Genesis 2:7)


Simply put: our bodies are comprised of the elements of the dust of the ground and our bodies CRAVE those elements.


Let me give you an example:


When a window in your house breaks and needs to be repaired, you call a glass repairman. Hopefully you don’t try to fix the broken eyesore with a piece of wood. Wood is not translucent. Wood does not allow the beauty of the outdoor world to peep into your home. Wood is not the same as glass. A broken glass window is best repaired with glass. You replace it with it’s likeness.


Are you following me?


Our bodies are the same way. They THRIVE when we eat from the dirt. No, I don’t advocate taking a spoon to the ground for an afternoon snack, but think about it. A body breaks down when one of its elements becomes weak. Where will you get the element to re-strengthen the body? … From the dust of the ground.


Our bodies crave foods from the earth: fresh fruits and veggies, nuts, seeds, legumes, and even clean animals.


If a plant or animal naturally reproduces it’s own kind, it should go under consideration for food.


I’ve never seen an Oreo seed or a Little Debbie Tree. A farmer has never planted a row of pop-tarts, or an orchard of Doritos.


Life craves life.


Fresh fruits and vegetables have live enzymes that energize and recharge the body; restore and heal it.


Clean fish and meat have protein that build strength.




That ONE piece of nutritional advice I would give you over tea, would be:


Eat from the Earth.


“Pass the tea, please.”


Happy Health! Go clean out your pantry!



Laundry Mom Terri BoninLaundry Mom~Terri♥

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