A Quiet Date Alone

A Quiet Date Alone

by Terri Bonin


My eyes popped open and adjusted to the dark room. My body rebelled, but my mind urged me to get up for a sweet time alone with Jesus. This time…this favorite time of being intentionally hidden with my Bible and journal is tricky for the taking. Life constantly pulls from every direction. In fact, as I quietly folded the covers off my body, my husband reached over and urged, “Just a few more minutes?”

His warm arms beckoned and I felt torn for a second. My two greatest loves were calling me and I wanted them both…“Lord?” I asked… Immediately His still small voice lovingly whispered…



1 Corinthians 7:5  clearly.

I snuggled a few more minutes with my sweet husband then headed to the kitchen for a piping hot cup of coffee and quiet time with Jesus.


Just as I sat down a teenage daughter brought me a sleepy eyed, tussled hair baby yearning to be nursed. I honestly felt the Lord laugh. I just wanted a quiet date alone with Him in order to HEAR HIM. God knows this time centers my very being.

I. Need. It.

Yet, it rarely happens easily. It rarely happens exactly the way I plan.

This is not a new hurdle in my life and I have a feeling it may never be convenient or easy…and that’s the very reason I must MAKE IT HAPPEN. Life is chaotic and the train is not slowing down.

I make time to eat. Can’t I make time with the Lord?

I make time to shower? Isn’t a clean heart more important than a clean body?

I make time to communicate with friends. Doesn’t His Word have more power in my life?

It seems easier to get filled up with current events on social media than to get filled with the Spirit in a quiet place. However, to hide and seek and listen to the Almighty brings a peace that social media cannot offer.

So for me…

Hiding to read my Word and journal usually happens at awful hours…those hours that the bed calls my tired body. But it’s so worth it. I fill my mind with His words, pour out the issues of my heart to Him and then wait. Sometimes He speaks clearly to me through His Word and sometimes He is slower to answer, but I KNOW He hears and I KNOW He’ll answer…even if it’s when I least expect it and at the most inconvenient times keeping fashion with our holy dates.

Stay tuned for the crazy way God answers my specific morning prayers in my next post.

You are loved.




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