~ A Morning With Mom ~

By  Erin’s Mom, Nancy Bowen….

Today I spent the morning visiting with my Mom and that’s a pretty amazing feat since she died over 25 years ago.  It’s just hit me that I’m now the age she was when she left us.

 But, back to this morning

I stayed home from work to tackle a rather substantial mountain of clothing that needed the attention of my iron.  Since I come from a long line of serious ironers that’s a chore that’s pretty much always on my agenda.  But after numerous trips to the kitchen ”fix-it” drawer to get various sharp pins to puncture the spray can of starch, remove the nozzle, run streams of hot water to unclog it,  keep trying to get a decent spray….I gave up and threw it out in the garage with great relish. laundry, Laundry Stories, laundry tips, Laundry with Big Families, Terri Bonin

Two dollars for a big can of spray starch that was going to make my clothes look crisp and sharp…Out in the garbage.

While standing there completely frustrated and looking at summer cotton clothes that my steam iron really wasn’t doing the job on, my Mom’s presence suddenly was very much in the room.

The message?


I ran to the utility room and there it was!

Sitting on a shelf for many years, was an old box of starch, totally forgotten.  I grabbed it, read the instructions and it was game on!

A few quarts of boiling water

Dissolve the starch : a few stirs and presto!  A carefully poured bottle of liquid starch into an empty spray bottle (that was not clogged) and I couldn’t wait to see if mom’s old fashioned method would still do the trick.

Mom was standing by the ironing board encouraging me on.  I sprayed all the summer cottons that I wanted to be crisp and sharp looking, then carefully rolled them into small rolls and bundled them together wrapped in a big towel.  Exactly the way I saw my Mother do it so many times.

After a few hours of letting them “set” I went back and sure enough, once ironed they were as good as Mom’s.  No wrinkles and a nice shiny crisp finish!  I have bought my last can of spray starch.  Thanks, Mom

 Laundry Mom~Erin♥ & Laundry Mom~Nancy♥

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