5 Tips for Grocery Savings

5 Tips for Grocery Savings

by Sarah Mueller 

Are you feeling the pinch of higher prices at the grocery store? Here are 5 easy swaps you can make today to help lower your grocery bill.

1. Swap crackers or chips for stove-popped popcorn. You’ll save tons of money (10-20 cents per serving vs. $1 or more), plus you’ll be eating healthier. It only takes about 5 minutes. Popcorn even keeps well for a day or two in a sealed container. Put some in your kids’ school lunches and you’ll be a superhero!
2. Bottled water for home-filtered water (or just tap water). Most bottled water is no different than what comes out of your own faucet. Save money and avoid lugging bottles home from the store by drinking the water out of your faucet or investing in a simple water filter pitcher.
3. Start serving ground turkey instead of ground beef. If your family objects, you can start by using a 50/50 mix. Ground turkey is often $1-2 cheaper per pound. For my family of 6, this is a $4-8 savings per meal!
4. Instead of buying fruit juice (or soda), serve herbal tea. It’s refreshing, comes in a variety of flavors, and it’s extra frugal. Cost per serving: pennies.
5. Skip the store-bought cereal and serve oatmeal instead. It’ll keep your family fuller longer and it’s a wonderful marriage of frugality and taste. Oatmeal can be served a hundred ways, depending on how much time you have and your favorite flavors. I have over 25 oatmeal recipes on my Real-food Breakfasts Pinterest board. There’s sure to be one your family will love.
Don’t let rising food prices break your grocery budget. Bonus – when you implement most of these swaps, you’ll be eating healthier, too.
profile-11-2014-200-rdSarah Mueller is the creator of Early Bird Mom, a popular mom blog focusing on organizing, budgeting, parenting, and more. Parenting her 4 boys is certainly a wild ride. She loves to encourage other busy moms with simple strategies and tips. Find Sarah on FacebookPinterest, and Twitter .



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